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How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10/8/8.1/7


A screenshot is an image taken of whatever is on your screen; this is a guide to Take Screenshots in Windows 10/8/7.1/7, screenshots usually come in handy to show your client/boss/friend what is going on in your screen
Screenshots can be took in various ways, and when it comes to windows, it is easier to take screenshot without any third-party software, but the thing is the screenshot feature is not a popular feature to market, so these ways might make you wonder why everyone doesn’t know this, Windows is packed with features that hardly come out to a normal user, like you and me, these ways of taking screenshot are few of them.

How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10/8/7.1/7

1. By pressing Shortcut – PrtScn (Print Screen)


You might have seen this weird key in your keyboard named ‘Prt src’, usually above insert and delete, to take screenshot in Windows 10 by hitting print screen key, the whole screen of what you are working on will be copied to your clipboard, i.e., you can paste your screenshot anywhere, like paint, word document, or a Facebook chat in Chrome.

2. By pressing Windows + PrtScn

Windows button+printscreen is an alternative shortcut to take screenshot in Windows 10 or 7 or 8, by pressing Windows logo key + Ctrl + PrtScn button, the whole screen what you are working on gets saved as a Jpeg image in screenshots folder on your computer, under pictures you will find a separate folder named screenshots which will have all your screenshots, this shortcut is much easier because in no time you will have screenshots ready in a folder without any hassle of pasting and editing.

3. For taking active window: Alt+PrtSrc


Things get simpler here if you want to take screenshot in windows 10 of an active window or the window on which you are working on and don’t need the background, this shortcut is the right one for you, by pressing Alt and Prt Src key together you can take a screenshot of the active window which you are working on and it will get automatically saved into your clipboard to paste anywhere you need, no need of taking the whole screen and cropping it to a smaller thing, this shortcut has it


4. Snipping Tool: take what you want

Snipping tool is a built-in application on windows which can be used to take screenshot in windows 10 of the whole screen or a small part of the screen you are working on, most of the time you want to share a small thing on your screen, so this tool enables you to cut the small part of your screen and save it to clipboard or paint, this tool saves your time from cropping the bigger screenshots, it also has delayed screenshot feature which enables you to take screenshots on a timer.

Word of work.

Hope you liked the above tutorial, taking screenshots is a major thing these days, whether it be for some official work, or to creating chaos between two people ? ? screenshots play a major role in our daily life, hope you can now easily take screenshots in windows 10.
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How To Jailbreak Your Amazon Kindle (Paper white).


Amazon, the company which is known as e-commerce behemoth, who is also the makers of the beautiful e-book, readers named the “Kindle”. Since Amazon’s software on the Kindle puts some restrictions on it. The best way to customise your Kindle a bit is to jailbreak it. Don’t worry it isn’t a prison escape kind of this; jailbreaking your Kindle is a smooth and easy process if you follow the steps appropriately.


What’s Jailbreaking?


The manufacturers usually won’t allow end users to change or fiddle with everything. Jailbreaking comes to the rescue in that scenario. Jailbreaking allows obtaining access to your Kindle as if you were a developer with the complete access to the operating system. It’s cool because you could change things and play with some settings to make it more your device.


Why Jailbreak It?


On stock, Amazon doesn’t offer a lot of customization on the Kindle. As I told you earlier, jail-breaking would be your chance to customise your Kindle a bit more than what Amazon provides out of the box. There are some pretty solid reasons to jailbreak it. One of which would be to add custom screensaver of the cover of the book you’re reading or changing fonts, Video player, enhanced PDF reader, maybe a terminal on it?


What will I need?


  • A Kindle.

  • A USB Cable.

  • A Computer.


Step 1: Upgrading/Downgrading Your Kindle’s OS


You cannot jailbreak a Kindle with this method if it runs Kindle OS version is 5.3.3 or 5.3.6+. So you may have to need to downgrade or upgrade a more suitable version. We recommend upgrading to the most current jailbreak friendly version of the Kindle OS 5.3.5. Here is a link to it.

Amazon Kindle OS 5.3.5.

  • Download the OS from the link to your computer. Before heading on to the other thing, Do not forget to Turn on Airplane Mode. Connect your Kindle to your PC via USB cable and transfer the .bin file which you’ve just downloaded to the root directory of your Kindle.
  • Remove the USB cable and Navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Update Your Kindle.
  • Your Kindle will reboot for almost a moment, and after a while, your Kindle must show the Software Update Screen with a progress bar. This procedure will probably take 5-10mins.
  • Once the update or reboot completes, Navigate to Menu -> Settings ->Menu ->Device Info to check the version of the Kindle OS.


Step 2: Jailbreaking.


It’s time to jailbreak as we are already on the right version of Kindle OS. Follow these steps below to jailbreak your Kindle.

  • Download the required files from here.
  • After downloading the jailbreaking file which is named as “kpw_jb.zip” extract all its contents and mount your Kindle again to your PC.
  • After extracting the zip file place jailbreak.sh, MOBI8_DEBUG, and jailbreak.mobi these file to the respective folders as follows.
  • Root —> MOBI8_DEBUG, jailbreak.sh
    Documents —> jailbreak.mobi
  • Now, on your Kindle, press the home button and look for the Document which is similar to the image below.

jailbreak, jailbreaking kindle, kindle paperwhite, amazon kindle paperwhite jailbreak.

  • The document should show a big “Click here to jailbreak” link. Click on that.
    jailbreak, jailbreaking kindle, kindle paperwhite, amazon kindle paperwhite jailbreak.
  • Once you click the link, it shows some additional instruction and follow that to get your Kindle Jailbrokenjailbreak, jailbreaking kindle, kindle paperwhite, amazon kindle paperwhite jailbreak.
  • After jailbreaking, it leads back to the home screen, and you must see a jailbreak-log on your home screen.

Voila! You’re done jailbreaking your Kindle in these simple steps. Now try customising and modding your Kindle as you wish.


Zenfone 3 review: the mid-ranged flagship


At the point when Asus announced the Zenfone 3 , everybody was eager to perceive how the new Zenfone had developed into what many would call a mid-range cell phone.

While the high end specs was reserved for the Zenfone Deluxe with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset and 6GB RAM, everyone’s eyes were without a doubt on the Zenfone 3, a mid-ranged flagship, a shiny premium phone.


So, Rs 18,999 is a truly weighty sticker price for a Zenfone Laser and the same can be said in regards to the littler Zenfone 3 estimated at Rs 21,999. In any case, what happens to the 5.5-inch Zenfone 3 that is evaluated at Rs 27,999? It’s sticker price places it in an indistinguishable association from the OnePlus 3 or LeEco’s Le Max 2. Does it stand its ground? Lets see !

The round and gleaming ZenFone 3 is 7.7mm thick, making it really smooth. The round edges give it an exceptionally smooth look, that makes it look premium in hand for both men and women.


The 5.5″ screen is covered with  2.5D glass, much the same as the Samsung S7 Edge and the Note 7, which has an adjusted edge on its screen, which takes into consideration an unmistakable frameless show. The 2.5D glass makes it almost indestructible, being staggeringly scratch-impervious to shield your telephone from the attacks of present day life. It’s high screen-to-body proportion makes it easy to grasp with one hand, yet regardless it takes a bigger palm to have the capacity to move it without any help.

Both reflexive sides look exquisite, be that as it may, it may be a unique finger impression magnet, which can be an annoying thing to few users.


The finger print sensor is additionally situated at the back, which permits you to open the phone even without clicking the home button or power button, which transforms opening the phone into an extremely basic and simple experience. Twofold tapping the unique finger impression sensor can open up the camera with helping you to quickly shoot pictures when you see them.

Double SIM

The Asus ZenFone 3, as most cell phones have double SIM abilities. Notwithstanding, it’s extra space can be utilized for either a SD card or another SIM, so on the off chance that you utilize 2 SIM cards, you would need to swear off the opportunity to utilize a SD card.

Inner Memory

With 64GB on-board memory, the ZenFone 3 has no issues with putting away applications, recordings and pictures. Taking a lot of pictures and recordings didn’t sap up much space on the ZenFone 3 and coming up short on memory is not something clients ought to stress over.

Speed and Performance

The ZenFone 3 performs well for a mid-officer. It’s chipset isn’t precisely top of the line, however the 4GB worth of RAM makes it entirely able at multitasking.

Running typical capacities on the ZenFone 3 ought to be a breeze. Slacks are few and far between. On the off chance that you run memory serious applications at the same time, you will see it backing off marginally. Notwithstanding, the ZenFone 3 consequently shuts a few applications, crippling it from running out of sight which gives you more memory to work with you current errands, however that is not without its downsides.

I wouldn’t set out say it’s staggeringly quick for a $498 phone, however it is still significantly better than the rest at this price.


The 16MP back camera functions admirably for the ZenFone 3 and it focuses rapidly and pointedly. The splendor is amazing, maybe excessively overwhelming now and again. In low-light conditions, the ZenFone performs well, however not radiant, with clamor as yet being available when it gets dim.

Battery Life

Zenfone 3 comes packed with a solid 3,000mAh battery, which is a bit average for such a high spec phone. Though it doesn’t lack any of the capabilities, and can get battery backup UpTo an average day, as it’s optimised by Asus phone manager.

Final Word-ict 😉

Zenfone 3 is an affordable mid-ranged flagship,for the price it’s being offered, it looks gorgeous and feels premium in hand, at the same time gives a great performance for the price tag

Xploree Keyboard App Review: A Keyboard App That Thinks!


did you know that your fingers travel 1 mile for every 10,000 words across your keyboard? despite all that typing you have to google stuff, find everything to have that perfect conversation with your friend, so much of effort right? say you have to go to dinner with someone special and you are planning on whatsapp, you have to go to google search down the restaurants in town, and book them, which again kills your time and gets annoying as well, but now that we have “Xploree!: a keyboard app that does more than just typing”

you might have used different keyboard apps on your android phone, or may have been using google keyboard for quite long,well its time to switch! Xploree is a smart keyboard that gets your job done while typing, lets get into it!

Xploree: a keyboard app with predictive technology


Xploree does serve as any other keyboard app would, a minimal app with a fluid keyboard, but Xploree is way smarter than you think, Xploree goes way beyond, auto-correct, predictions, and gestures.
Xploree uses Natural Language Processing(NLP) to make it easier to find things you need right in your keyboard, Xploree has in-app discoveries, which automatically knows what you want, shows discoveries, which lead you to offers/websites that you are looking for, for example if you are looking to buy some gadgets, you can see an icon ticking above your keyboard while you type, which takes you to the discoveries, which contain offers to websites that you might use,


Discoveries: the future?


Xploree gives you a set of cards whenever you tap on the icon, these set of cards contain offers or links directly to what you are looking out for!some times it takes you directly into pre-installed app on your phone.


intenticons are these tiny icons which describe what you type and then get you the cards, these detect automatically of what you want, say you are texting your friend to plan for a coffee that evening, you get an icon on top of the keyboard, which takes you to discoveries where you get to choose cards, like Zomato,and then directly share the link with your friend while texting, this does save a lot of time, spent searching for the right thing to buy food or go to.

Languages and Multilingual texting: the smart way?



Xploree supports upto 130+ languages in-all, and also supports few local languages used to text, like Hinglish, or Kanglish,which is usually a mixture of English and their local languages, which is incredibly awesome to use, Xploree uses NLP to process multilingual predictions and correct them as well, suggestions for other languages can also be observed here, Xploree gives you versatility of choosing many languages and downloading them.

Customization 🙂


Xploree has a theme showcase where you can choose from a huge collection of color combinations and variety of themes for your keyboard, you can turn things on and off, prediction will be primarily turned off as people might get annoyed.

My dictionary, shortcuts

one of the features that I use the most, in the app you get to add your own words to the dictionary so that you don’t get auto-corrected, which is pretty annoying, and shortcuts enable you to add your own abbreviated words which gets changed into something you want, for example: ttyl into talk to you later.

Is it safe?

one of the things that I was concerned personally at a discussion with the team, as the whole “NLP” and “artificial intelligence” requires user data, so is it safe to type password in this? Absolutely yes :),team made a clear point of the user data being stored right in their phone, for further use, as a cache, and none of the app data will be sent to servers, so you are super safe with this 🙂


Xploree is a neat keyboard app, with abilities of context processing, using intent analysis algorithm, it does save a lot of time, making it easier for you by giving in-app suggestions, i might say its a productive app and fun to use. i have personally used this app for a week, and i can say this is really fun and easy to use 🙂

Download the app Here!

Google for India: YouTube Go,Wi-Fi for everyone,Scheduled Downloads on Playstore


Google For India, an event where plans of Google in India was showcased, the usage of YouTube by Indians is really massive,and the networks in few parts of India still is 2G, considering everything that an Indian consumer needs, Google has introduced few plans only for India, including Youtube GO, localized duo and allo, scheduled downloads on play-store.


Youtube Go


at the launch of YouTube Go Johanna Wright, YouTube Vice President,  about how the impact of offline videos in India was higher than other countries, basically YouTube Go is a better version of downloadable videos feature, which enables you to download high quality videos with lower bandwidths, and also share with your local friends as well. YouTube GO serves as a social network for video fantasies,



Localized Allo and Duo


Google’s siri killer (or) Google’s Assistant Allo was showcased at google for India. Google Allo now supports Hindi,also they ensured that it will e fully functional with all features by the end of 2016. Hindi is popular among people in North India and by the Google Allo in Hindi,Google can gain a massive user base for Allo in North India.

Google also mentioned about its latest video messaging app Duo, as simplistic app which works even on poorer connections, according to them India is the second largest user base for Google Duo right after US.

Scheduled Downloads on Playstore


Bragging with the same idea of poor connections in India,google tried to grab attention by releasing new feature in play store where you get to schedule a download to be downloaded later when there is a WiFi connection.

Free Wifi For all


Since last year, Google’s public Wi-Fi initiative in India now has a massive 3.2 million active user base, 52 railway stations across the country now offer free Wi-Fi, and the services are set to go online at over 100 railway stations across the country by the end of the year.


Google is focused more on the digitization and gaining user base in India, its really huge, keeping the business apart, indeed its making people reachable to the internet, providing wifi and focusing on localised apps for poor networks are good moves by Google, well the future awaits, let’s see what’s google upto!
drop down your views below!

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus launched in China:Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM, Priced at 300$


In a recent press event in China, Xiaomi popularly known as ‘apple killer’ in China, unveiled xiaomi  Mi5s and Mi5s plus, which is a successor of the earlier released Xiaomi Mi5, which was the infamous flagship from xiaomi, with pumped up specs, the xiaomi has returned with Mi5s and Mi5s plus. Both of the new phones Xiaomi Mi5s and Mi5s plus, have high end hardware, with Snapdragon 821 powering them both up, and plus having a massive 6 GB RAM, and a dual 13 MP camera,

Mi5 was already a perfect flagship, mi5s and mi5s plus just fills the gaps and adds on few features that might grab your eye, more than the massive RAM, we have a new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor  underneath the home button, for a better feel and snappy lag-free usage.

Features Xiaomi Mi 5s Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus
Os MIUI 8 on Android 6.0 Marshmallow  MIUI 8 on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
RAM and storage 3GB RAM/64GB storage
4GB RAM/128GB storage
4GB RAM/64GB storage
6GB RAM/128GB storage
SoC 2.15GHz Snapdragon 821 2.35GHz Snapdragon 821
Display 5.15-inch IPS Full HD display
600 nits, 95% NTSC coverage
 5.7-inch Full HD display
600 nits, 95% NTSC coverage
Rear camera 12MP 1/2.3-inch with Sony IMX 378 sensor
4K video, PDAF, OIS, dual-LED flash
1.55µm pixel size
Dual 13MPwith dual-tone LED flash, records 4K video, PDAF, OIS,
ClearSight technology
Front shooter 4MP camera with 1080p video recording 4MP camera with 2.0µm pixels
Connectivity 4G+ with 3x carrier aggregation, Wi-Fi ac
Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, GPS
4G+ with 3x carrier aggregation, Wi-Fi ac
Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, GPS
Charging USB-C with Quick Charge 3.0 USB-C with Quick Charge 3.0
Battery 3000mAh 3800mAh


Should you buy it?

Xiaomi Mi5s is priced at ¥1,999 (300 USD) for 3 GB RAM and 64GB storage, and ¥2,299 (345 USD) for 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage, for the specifications its definitely bang for the buck, 300USD is definitely worth spending, with such specs, the improved MIUI should do better, coming to the Xiaomi 5s Plus, the one with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage is priced at  ¥2,299 (345 USD) and the high-end model with 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage will be available for ¥2,599 (390 USD).

the full on metal chassis, makes the build quality of the phone good as well as gives a brushed metal look, which looks and feels premium in hand, coming to the availability, as of now xiaomi hasn’t confirmed the release dates for other countries, all we can do is wait!

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HTC Teases its New Phone Launching on 20th of This Month:#BeEdgier


when it comes to HTC, innovation and design takes the lead, recently HTC released three of videos teasing their new phone, with no clues, they have teased the phone with the hastag #BeEdgier,  in the teased videos we can see a large camera housing with flash and we can slightly observe the golden edges, which we saw in  Desire 10 Pro renders or leak images which we saw recently.


although with fingerprint sensor at back of the phone we can observe the new design makeover,  the leaked device is expected to have specs like a 5.5-inch 1280×720 display and a quad-core Snapdragon processor. this would add it to one of the premium phones in Mid-range devices,


to go with the videos we need to wait till september 20th to know more about desire pro, well for the fact that it’s “pro” we might expect a little sharpness in the pricing there,but we will see 😉

the hashtag #BeEdgier, makes us guess a phone with curved bezels? similar too samsung s7? probably, we can’t predict but we can really imagine, by the render images, its gonna be new and innovative, but we might get an ouch on the pricing,yet let us wait till 20th and find out what was cooking in HTC, untill then drop in your views about the whole #BeEdgier hype and also guess the features 😉


Apple iPhone & and iPhone 7 plus: Should you Buy? Our Thoughts


Apple is known for hardware and build quality, iOS is a great platform but It’s anything but difficult to utilize, it looks great, I have a considerable measure of affection and appreciation for iOS. What I don’t generally have a considerable measure of adoration for is the iPhone itself – not reliably, in any case.


With regards to the iPhone 7, which was released recently, I can’t precisely pinpoint only one thing that I don’t care for about it; there are a few. I truly need to like it, with all those memes running over the no headphone jack in iPhone, #courage didn’t probably work out for Tim, well how can you even plug in your earphones and charge the phone at the same time?

Ear pods much? meh

however, I can just imagine how costly losing ear pods that will be if, God deny, both of those things get to be lost. Apple was additionally pushing the entire remote headset thing with their new AirPods, which… okay, they look kinda weird af but still wireless, yet they’re totally unrealistic and path overrated at $159. Consolidate that with the way that they’re Bluetooth earphones and you’ve lost the principle reason they chose to change from the 3.5mm port to Lightning in any case, which was having a brilliant sound affair.


Apple is so digging so profound into their dedication to inventing something new with the Air Pods that I was betting on them introducing fast charging or wireless charging, now I know wireless charging is too much too expect but at least fast charge?  Not a chance. I understand that wireless charging may not be that easy for integrating in iOS, however anyone who has ever experienced issues with their charging port before realize that having a wireless option to charge their phone would have been greatly valuable. after that there’s the entire 32GB base model thing. I ought to be energized. I’ve been against its 16GB base model for a couple of years now, however I think they’ve additionally missed the 32GB train. A 64GB base level would have been great. 32GB is no more amazing. It’s reasonable, and simply because it’s originating from Apple.

Upgraded processors?

Something else, the iPhone 7 still has its great qualities. The A10 Fusion processor appears to be encouraging, and Apple could build its battery life by 1-2 hours relying upon which model you’re thinking about.

In case you’re one to spring for one of the higher models, you get a decent manage the 128 or 256GB models (yet the base level ought to in any case, as I would like to think, be 64GB).  and the iPhone 7 is presently waterproof and dustproof with IP67 affirmation.

Dual camera <3

The cameras on both sides and both the 7 and 7 Plus have gotten significant overhauls too. On top of all that, the telephone showcases Apple’s most up to date iOS 10 on some of Apple’s best equipment for the OS.


Colors *_*

Well I really can hit on this one, this should have been their selling point, black and jet-black variants are the one we all been waiting for, the black on the phone looks so marvelous you could really buy it for the color itself.

Well yeah every single year there comes a new iPhone, whatsoever the features, their fans gonna buy it anyway, but I think apple should really care about their customers and push a little harder towards innovating rather than making bossy statements. What’s your view on iPhone? Are you buying it? Do let me know in comment section below 😉


Honor 5c Review: Budget Game changer with Premium looks


After the launch of Honor 5c for INR 10,999 , its been in news for quite a while, but is it the Real game changer in budget lineup? let’s check it out:

Huawei has never stopped working on the quality of the phones they produce in the honor lineup, and Honor 5c is not an exception, no doubt honor 5c is a tough competitor for all other phones under budget lineup, no only it has promised to deliver performance, it comes with the same stunning camera you get on their premium phone lineup, while camera is one of the great things of honor 5c, the brushed metal makes it look really premium, let’s take a deeper look and checkout what honor 5c has to offer:

Design: bliss for metal lovers


Honor 5c comes with a brushed metal finish, which makes the phone look stunning and premium, it comes with Aircraft-grade aluminium body, mixed up with high grade plastic upfront, although it has the premium metal finish on the back, the phone is really light as well, coming at 156 gms lineup.while the 5.2inch screen is easy to hold and also one hand operation is pretty ergonomic.

The camera hump looks pretty good too,but it will not be a problem if you keep your phone on back.The fingerprint Sensor is placed right under the camera which makes it ergonomic and easier to unlock the phone, while the fingerprint sensor is covered with textured metal which also feels good,

with speaker grills at the bottom, you can hear the sounds at ease without cupping the hands around the phone, you can find 3.5mm audio jack on the upper part, and on the left you will find sim card and microSD tray which can be removed using sim card ejector, on the right you will find clicky volume rocker and a power button.

Hardware: Home grown core ?


Honor 5c comes with their own manifactured Kirin 650 octa-core processo, and 2GB RAM, backing on 16GB of internal memory to store all your files, which is expandable up to 128GB with a microSD card, The FinFET 16nm chip on honor 5c combined with Mali- T830 for graphics leverages great gaming experience on the phone, huge games like, FIFA 16, Asphalt 8:airborne,Nova 3, works great without any lag in the experience, it does get a bit hot when you game for a longer period of time which is completely normal.

Camera and display: bang for buck


Camera is one of the selling point of the Honor lineup, especially Honor 5c, for the given price has stunning camera, Honor 5c comes with a 13MP rear camera with single tone LED flash, and 8 MP front shooter. with the camera app with various professional features, camera on honor 5c is pure bliss, in default settings the rear camera performs pretty well in moderate conditions as well as in low light conditions, the auto-focus on the camera is pretty fast.

The camera app gives you the power to leverage the image you want by allowing you to capture images in different shooting modes including,HDR,panorama,time-lapse,slow-motion capture, also it has the special feature called light painting which enables you to capture light painting or tail lights or star track, which is only possible in few of the premium phones available in the market. The colors on images are bright and vivid and are really great for social networks and professional work too.

Battery and Performance


Honor 5c comes with 3000Mah battery which lasts around a day or more, the Kirin 650 does a great job optimizing the battery to last longer,Honor 5c runs on Android Marshmallow out of the box, which comes with inbuilt battery saver instead of Doze, which does work well, also the EMui on the phone has the special feature to switch to a power save mode which makes your battery last longer when needed.

Software: EMUI +Marshmallow= performance?


EMUI 4.1 looks minimal on top of android marshmallow, i felt its kinda designed inspired by iOS but still has its own unique and minimal look and feel, well you can’t have the stock experience, but you will surely love the minimal experience on it, although you have to deal with few bloatware apps, you are getting few useful apps such as hiVoice and SOS which enables more security to your phone, perhaps the fingerprint sensor is one of the finest takes less than a second to snap it on, it supports upto 6 fingers. the added multi window support is also great.


  • Camera :the selling point
  • Design:stunning
  • Bang for buck



  • heats up a bit on gaming for longer periods
  • over exposed images few times


Words from the desk


the overall build quality and feel of the phone is pretty premium than any phone in this range, for 10,999 INR honor 5c is the bang for buck, considering the other competitors including xiaomi and motorola, honor tops the list in terms of quality of features rather the overkill. well if you are a camera freak and short on budgets this is the one you might wanna lookout for!
do drop in your views and queries about the phone in the comment section below

Google shelves its Modular smartphone:Project Ara Done.


Mobile phones have come a long way, at the beginning, they were utilized only for calling and messaging. That evolved for a long time, times have converted. Those ordinary feature phones are long gone and people are getting a move to smartphones.  The smartphone users usually tend to switch it with a cycle of 2-3 years. Now, this is what causing to increase a lot of e-waste.  Google’s plan to thin out this E-waste was to build a modular smartphone named “Project ARA”. It not only solves the problem of E-waste but customizability too. In the earlier stages of Google’s modular smartphone Project ARA, its main motive was to give the user control of the every part of the phone.  Lately, in that respect are many modular phones launching but they are just the other kind of modular smartphones, semi-modular.  Semi-modular phones like Moto Z and LGG5 has got some really nice attention and did fairly good too.

Project ara postponed

After a lot of delays and changes made on the program, it is said that Google has currently suspended its “Project ARA” that was worked on for more than 2 years.  The modular phone itself was showcased with some progress and modifications in the platform for the last 2 years.  If you didn’t know a lot about Google’s modular phone “Project ARA”, it is believed to be a modular smartphone with the capabilities of completely reorganize the phone. Need additional RAM? Swap it out and add the new one. Higher resolution camera? Simple, again replace it with the other one.  This is a real game changer idea that Google brought until they altered it. The mockup shown in #io2016 was little different from what their vision was, the mockup could only change those speakers and add a fingerprint scanner or a battery. In a way, that disappointed a little for geeks and people like me. At #io2016 Google announced that they would be releasing a Developer version this fall and consumer edition in 2016.

Initially, Motorola announced this project 3 years ago, under Google.  But, Google retained and took command of the whole Project ARA while selling the Motorola Mobility to Lenovo.  Recode states that the search giant Google may license the project ARA to other collaborators.  That’s some small hope!  But still, Google won’t launch the Modular smartphone itself as we anticipated for so long.amazon diwali offers 2017 amazon diwali sale