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Digit seek is a blog started by two geeks, who wanted to write their opinion of a particular device or application, in every other tech blog, you might find a huge spill of specifications which some of you might not even understand, we are here to break it down for you and make it easy to understand whether you want to buy it or not, also we are trying to blog simple tutorials on daily tech which you might find hard to figure it out yourself, also for those “geeks” out there who knows snapdragon is better than mediatek (just kidding its a personal choice 😛 ) or who waits for latest leaks on phones we are covering latest news from all secret agencies that we are in touch with 😛 just book mark us and keep visiting for more awesome tech stuff

and yeah we are gonna conduct few giveaways in future 😉 stay tuned

Meet the Team

we currently have only two people working on it as we are small with audience base of 7k and growing



pro sat

fascinated teen blogger from kerala, advocate in gdg, active member of developer meetups, covers tutorials, reviews,enjoys tech and writing stuff, #ubuntufreak #androiduser #gdg


Supreeth Bharadwaj

Developer|inbound marketer|blogger

founded several tech blogs, likes caffiene to be converted to code, writes about tech, phone reviews, and likes to fiddle around with graphics and android apps, twitter dev group FTW!