Lenovo is announcing the long-awaited collaboration with Google, Yeah that’s right I’m talking about that Google Project Tango device “Phab 2 Pro”. Project Tango was a prototype for a long time, and today all of its specification and is revealed officially by Lenovo at TechWorld.

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

In case if you have missed Project Tango, it’s a 3D mapping technology by Google combination of a software with a specially designed hardware. What it does is, imagine that you’re checking a washing machine or fridge or something similar, but you’re not sure of whether it fits in the place. In that case, you could actually try mapping it and it shows that thing with the original size, once you fix the position you can just change the direction it is facing in. It merges the reality with a virtual reality, hence called as Augmented Reality. That’s what a Google Project Tango is, there are lot more capabilities with it too. In a short Project Tango is all about 3D mapping.

Lenovo gets first with the “Augmented Reality” ready smartphone by Collaborating with Google. The Phab 2 is huge when compared to other phablets, it nearly a tablet. It packs 6.4-inch couple with a Quad HD Display, A tremendous 4050mAH battery, 4 GB of RAM with 64 Gigabyte of storage, of course, a fingerprint sensor and a 16-megapixel camera. It will be available by September for $500. Lenovo has other 2 version of the series “Phab 2” and “Phab 2 Plus” both the phones are just a normal phablets you see with a similar specification. The Phab 2 is priced at $200 and The Phab 2 plus is at $300 respectively.


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